Press Release: FSE Energy LeadCatch

Innovation Beyond Energy with Qubop/Incadence

LeadCatch is a custom mobile app built on the Salesforce platform, allowing real-time monitoring and followup for sales leads and opportunities.

COVINGTON, LA, AUGUST 7, 2013 - FSE Energy is pleased to announce that the mobile "LeadCatch" application, developed with Salesforce partner, InCadence/Qubop, has been chosen to be featured at the Salesforce Elevate Mobile Enterprise event in Houston on August 22nd. Registration for this event is

The "LeadCatch" application allows FSE Energy representatives to quickly capture contacts, engage Salesforce opportunities, and choose prebuilt or customize emails on the spot to distribute appropriate marketing collateral, all from a mobile device. Kirby Burke, Marketing Director at FSE Energy is quoted as saying, "We are enthusiastic about the LeadCatch mobile app as we feel it will help us to better capitalize on tradeshows, through enabling our sales teams and manufacturer reps to act in real time on leads gathered at these events."

"There exists only a very select group of sales professionals in the marketplace that have both the technical expertise and business acumen needed to provide solutions in the large utility heat and power offerings that FSE Energy provides. As a result, FSE Energy makes it a point do everything we can to enable their success, including working with partners like InCadence/Qubop to develop innovative technical solutions that leverage our Salesforce CRM and our other intellectual property assets."

Bryan Rees, partner at InCadence, added, "InCadence has joined forces with one of the best end-to-end mobile product companies in the world, Qubop. With our combined design and development experience, we bring consumer-level quality to mobile development projects focused on Salesforce enterprise clients. Our partnership combines InCadence's expertise in Salesforce development and customization with Qubop's unparalleled skills in mobile product delivery across all platforms.

"We couldn't be more excited to bring our skills to bear for FSE Energy's new LeadCatch application. This app will leverage cutting edge mobile technology with FSE's Salesforce platform allowing their sales team to close more deals faster than ever before."

The FSE Energy "LeadCatch" application is slated to launch to internal FSE Energy teams in early 2014. For more information about FSE Energy please contact, and to learn more about InCadence/Qubop, please contact Bryan Rees at or Chia Hwu at


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