Case Study: MICROS inMotion

MICROS Systems is a leading global provider of software and hardware for the hospitality and retail industries, including point of sale, labor, inventory and loyalty programs. Their restaurant customers include TGI Friday’s, Perkins, KFC, Pizza Hut, Taco Bell, Great America and Aramark.

Over a 4-month period, Qubop designed and built MICROS inMotion, a mobile business intelligence app for restaurant management, featuring a rich graphical presentation of key analytics in a high-performance native interface.

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Project Outcome

App Store Reviews

Game Changer!! ★★★★★
by Jason4305 - Apr. 2, 2013
Just incredible from the moment you enter the app. To have all this information at your finger tips to help run your business is truly a game changer for anyone. Real time numbers that make the difference to any operator. Making a profit is a game of inches and this app becomes the measuring tape! Great job and Thanks MICROS!!

Like a Swiss Army knife! ★★★★★
by mbmz0r - Apr. 3, 2013
This app is a must have tool for my business, the front end of micros made simple, quick and easy. Thank you micros!

A must for the restaurant manager on the go! ★★★★★
by ChefAndy - Apr. 5, 2013
A great first attempt by MICROS! Certainly light-years ahead of the mobile MyMicros website, and the competition. It is actually easier to glean useful statistics about your business from this app than it is from the full-blown website, due to the presentation of data and the use of forecasting.

If you have MyMicros and you have an iOS device, you are a fool if you do not download this.

Restaurant MGR ★★★★★
by Restaurant MGR - Apr. 5, 2013
Fantastic data that actually means something to me.

Over the top ★★★★★
by wanger1993 - Apr. 6, 2013
Probably one of the best hospitality industry apps.

Operation director ★★★★★
by Killer not - Apr. 8, 2013
Truly a great app. Put the best information at your fingertips. The information is readily available to be able to better run your operations. This tool makes you proactive instead of reactive.



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